NEAR*BY Curatorial Collective announces LIGHTGEIST, a one-night exhibition of light and projected art at Rhinegeist. Built within the skeleton of the old Moerlein bottling plant in Over-the-Rhine, the name of the brewery means, “ghost of the Rhine,” and, (though often intangible,) light and art can likewise be said to haunt or inhabit space.

For LIGHTGEIST, NEAR*BY has selected seventeen artists / artist collaboratives to exhibit projected videos, sculptural and environmental installations. These intra-disciplinary works will demonstrate the ways in which contemporary artists are currently embracing the dematerialization of the image, and how that manifests within the confines of a non-traditional art space.

EVENT DETAILS: Thursday November 20, 7 – 10 p.m. 1910 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, Over-the-Rhine. FREE and open to the public.

Jen Berter * Nicki Davis * DAAP Clay & Glazes, headed by Katie Parker and Guy Michael Davis (featuring the work of Olutoba Akomolede, Christine Barron, Amanda Bialk, Michael Broderick, Linnea Campbell, Catherine Gilliam, Theresa Krosse, Sarah Maxwell, Megan Stevens, Christine Uebel, Allison Ventura & Victoria Wykoff) * Lizzy Duquette * Sam Ferris-Morris * Mark Governanti * Joe Iannopollo & Kalie Hamilton * Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running * Andy Marko * Alice Pixley Young * Play Cincy * Lindsey Sahlin * Caroline Turner * Justin West * C. Jacqueline Wood * Charlie Woodman


NEAR*BY is an untethered curatorial collective that seeks to bypass the art institution, working as liaison between artists and pluralistic audiences. We aim to create ephemeral and interdisciplinary exhibitions that connect art with location and meld curatorial and artist practices while blurring the boundaries between installation and white cube.