High Art 2

NEAR*BY Curatorial Collective is pleased to announce the second biennial High Art exhibition, wherein artists tackle issues of perspective, spectacle and scale while engaging with the surrounding cityscape. Artwork will be viewed from a 574-foot vantage point: the rooftop observation deck of the Carew Tower, Cincinnati’s second tallest building.

Visitors to the one-evening exhibition will ride the elevator to the 45th floor, board a tiny elevator and ride it to the 48th floor, then climb one last flight to visually comb the landscape and identify the work of artists, strategically placed around the city.

Artists will present temporary, large-scale works &/or performances that may be seen from atop the rooftop deck of Cincinnati’s French Art Deco skyscraper, the Carew Tower. The aim of this exhibition is to activate the city with art, rewarding curiosity with engaging moments of fleeting creativity.

Please note that there is a $4 (cash only) entry fee for all visitors to the Netherland Plaza Observation Deck, and we suggest you bring binoculars. NEAR*BY is in no way affiliated with the Carew Tower. For that reason (and also because we think this location is one of our city’s most mythic sites,) please respect their process—analog though it may be.

High Art 2 will take place on Saturday July 2nd, 2016, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at The Netherland Plaza, Carew Tower, 441 Race Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

Participating artists: Regan Brown, Emily Chiavelli, Joe Girandola, Sidney Cherie Hilley, Pam Kravetz, Avril Thurman and Rick Wolhoy.