The Traveling Show

Consistent with Near*By’s curatorial preoccupation with location and its effect on the artist, we assembled an assemblage of traveling artwork on the subject of travel. Fifty hand-built boxes filled with the collected creative output of over thirty artists were driven around the city on the night of the opening and exhibited at several different venues—visibly demonstrating the subject and object of our endeavor. Just as with gallery specific exhibitions, there was be attention paid to lighting and the spectacle of performance. Consisting of ephemeral installations, poetry readings, skateboarding demos and more, the evening culminated in a night of music by touring and local musicians at Tinderbox.


5pm – 645pm – truck will be parked at Clifton Court next to DAAP building at University of Cincinnati (2624 Clifton Avenue). Able projects skate demo on view for this stop.

7pm – 845pm – truck will be parked at Rock Paper Scissors (1301 Main St.). Readings by Sidney Cherie Hilley & Yvette Nepper.

9pm – 2am – truck will be parked at Tinderbox (42 w. McMicken). Performances by two Philadelphia bands (Snoozer, Lady Bones), two TBA local acts, and lighting installation by Nomad Collab (Katy Zachary).

What’s in the box: 

  • Steve Kemple curated CD of travel music (Free with box purchase)
  • 2nd CD of covers of Steve’s travel music picks by Leggy, Molly Sullivan, Kate Wakefield, ADM, Sabastooge, Sophia Cunningham, Isaac Hand, Amanda Lee Anderson, Nancy Paraskeveoplous, Megan Hague, & Jarrod Welling-Cann
  • Book with contributions from: Lizzy Duquette, Johnny Eudaly, Micah Freeman, Frisch’s Walker, Sidney Cherie Hilley, Russell Ihrig, Marie-Astrid Meunier, Tyrell Pentz, Mike Weber
  • 5 postcards of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities by Matt Kish, Joe Kuth, Leighton Connor
  • DVD of travel scene supercut from French films selected by French people and curated by Loraine Wible
  • Ceramic tile by Anastasiya Yatsuk
  • Beer cozy from Able Projects
  • Tiny hand-carved wooden spoon from Rom Wells at Cheapside Cincinnati
  • Double sided pencil and tiny sketchbook from Rock Paper Scissors
  • Fortune cookie with Non-Aristotelian phrases from Andre Alves

Participating Artists:

A Pinecone
Able Projects
Andre Alves
Amanda Lee Anderson
John Auer
Leighton Connor
Sophia Cunningham
Diving Bell
Lizzy Duquette
Johnny Eudaly
Micah Freeman
Isaac Hand
Sidney Cherie Hilley
Russel Ihrig
Nomad Collab (Katy Zachary)
Steve Kemple
Matt Kish
Joe Kuth
Marie Astrid Meunier
Yvette Nepper
Nancy Paraskevopolous
Tyrell Pentz
Rock Paper Scissors
Sabastooge (David Corns)
Lindsey Sahlin
Micco Slays
Molly Sullivan
Kate Wakefield
Loraine Wible
Anastasiya Yatsuk